Audition Information

Audition at First Act!

All students ages 8-18 are invited to audition for a production at First Act Theatre Arts! Each session, we offer multiple exciting shows with opportunities for all ages, abilities, and experience levels. 

Questions about auditions? Email Grant Golson at

2024-2025 Audition Dates:
August 23 (Fall Unified), September 7 (Fall Black Box), November 22 (Winter Unified), December 14 (Spring Black Box), February 28 (Spring Unified)

Summer Master Camp Auditions & Calbacks - June 4-8

Twelve Angry Jurors, Bye Bye Birdie Youth Edition, & Curtains

For More Info Visit the Pages Below

Legally Blonde the Musical, JR.

Artistic Team
Director: Liz Golson
Stage Manager: Elizabeth Phillips
Music Director: Connor Hodes
Choreographer: Becca Graham

Production Coordinator: Stephanie Krug

Matilda The Musical

Artistic Team
Director: Andrew Milbourn
Stage Manager: Tyler MacSweeney
Music Director: Lindsay James
Choreographer: April Okken
Assistant Choreographer: Madison Phipps

Production Coordinator: Chrissi Edwards

The Spongebob Musical

Artistic Team
Director: Michelle Evans
Stage Manager: Anna Rosell
Music Director: Hillary Talken
Choreographer: Krista Pishny

Production Coordinator: Brenda LaCour

Unified Audition FAQ's

A unified audition is a standard practice in the professional and community theatre industry where an actor can audition once and be considered for multiple productions at the same time. At First Act KC, we produce 2 or 3 shows per session – with the introduction of our “Premiere Series” shows, some of these productions will have smaller casts. By introducing a Unified Audition, we will ensure that even if your student is not cast in the Premiere Show, they will have an opportunity to be cast in another show in the same session without having to re-audition.

Students will sign up to audition and fill out an audition form like they always have. When they arrive at auditions, check-in will look very similar. Auditions will be held at Village Presbyterian Church at 151st and Antioch in their Fellowship Hall so parents and friends are able to sit in and watch auditions. When a group of 10 is up, each student will sing a 1-minute audition song and then go learn an audition dance like normal. The vocal and dance callback will be performed for all the artistic teams at the same time. Callbacks will still happen the next day, but will be at different times. This means that a student could hypothetically be called back for multiple shows. All cast lists will be posted at the same time on Sunday night. 

No! There will be a question on the audition form asking which shows you want to be considered for. You can check as many as you want. 

There is an option at the bottom of the Sign-Up Genius to sign up for a video audition. Put your name here, fill out the audition form, and send your video audition to Your video audition should include two elements: a recording of you performing your 1-minute song, and a recording of a short dance audition (Instruction Video found HERE!). Please reach out to Artistic Director Patrick Graham with any questions or concerns. All video auditions must be submitted by 9PM the day of auditions.

Legally Blonde, Jr. will rehearse at the First Act KC Office (6800 W 153rd St, Overland Park, KS 66223) and will perform at The Bell Cultural Events Center at MidAmerica Nazarene University (2030 E College Way, Olathe, KS 66062)

Matilda the Musical will rehearse at Lenexa United Methodist Church (9138 Caenen Lake Rd, Lenexa, KS 66215) and will perform at MidAmerica Nazarene University.

The Spongebob Musical will rehearse at Colonial Presbyterian Church (9500 Wornall Rd, Kansas City, MO 64114) and will perform at The Goppert Theatre at Avila University.

Only with a family’s permission. There will be a question on the audition form where you can indicate whether or not you are okay with siblings being cast in different shows. First Act KC will always honor a family’s request.

As has always been First Act KC’s policy, a student is strongly discouraged from dropping a show because of disappointment in a casting decision. Our show-dropping policy will remain in place: a student who chooses to drop a show will not be considered for a lead or principal role in the next First Act KC show they audition for.

Artistic Teams will meet and deliberate individually – each team will decide their callback list and cast list without discussing it with the other teams. After an initial cast list is decided, the Artistic Director will review all cast lists and then work with each directing team to individually negotiate when multiple shows want the same student. The ultimate goal is to place the student where they will best succeed!

First Act Audition Process

  1. Select the show you are interested in and follow the “Show Information” link for show specific dates, contact info, and important links. 
  2. Sign-Up for an audition time and fill out all the necessary paperwork. It is critical you complete paperwork prior to your audition in order to expedite your check-in process!
  3. Plan to arrive at the audition location 20-30 minutes before your scheduled audition time to make sure you have time to check-in and get ready to go!
  4. If you’re auditioning for a musical:
    • At your audition time, you will be part of a group of up to ten auditionees. Each auditionee will stand up in front of the directors (as well as a supportive audience of parents and family!) and sing a 1-minute selection from a song of their choice. 
    • Students auditioning should either bring a device to play an accompaniment track (phones work very well!) or bring clearly marked sheet music for a provided accompanist. Students auditioning for Premiere Series shows are strongly encouraged to use sheet music. Though not strongly encouraged, a student is welcome to sing a cappella.
    • After everyone in your group sings, you will go to another room to learn a brief dance routine. Once the group has learned the dance, you’ll return to the main audition room and perform the dance audition for the directors.
    • More information and tips about auditioning for a musical can be found below! 
  5. If you’re auditioning for a play:
    • At your audition time, you will be part of a group of up to ten auditionees. Each auditionee will stand up in front of the directors and present a prepared monologue. 
    • Monologue options will be available ahead of time and it is expected that monologues will be memorized.
    • Look at the “More Information & Sign-Ups” link to find the audition monologue selections and any more show specific information.
  6. Your audition is complete! Congratulations! Now go home, relax, and wait for callback information.
  7. Callbacks typically happen the day after the auditions. Callbacks are invite only and are an opportunity for the directors to see and hear more from certain students. You might be called back to sing, read scenes, and/or dance. Remember, getting a callback doesn’t mean you will be cast in a role, and vice versa!
  8. After callbacks, the directors will deliberate and prayerfully consider the cast list. The cast list will be emailed to everyone who auditions and posted on the First Act website by the following evening. 
  9. Questions? Email
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15 Tips for a Successful Musical Theatre Audition

  1. Be prepared! Make sure you know the audition process, know what’s expected of you, and are familiar with the show you’re auditioning for. Good actors are prepared actors!

  2. Warm Up! Make sure your voice and your body are both warmed up and ready to go. You want to be ready to show off your best singing, acting, and dancing skills and only have a few minutes to make a good impression on the directors.

  3. Choose an audition song that’s a good fit! When preparing your audition material never sing something from the show you’re auditioning for, unless you’re specifically asked to. Choose a song that is in a similar style to the show you’re auditioning for (same composer, same time period, same subject matter, etc.). Above all, choose a song that you are comfortable singing and will set you up for success. A simple song that you can perform confidently and comfortably is always better than a complicated song that might throw you off and cause stress! And remember – we only want to hear a 60-second excerpt from the song. Choose the 60 seconds that will show off your voice and personality best!

4. Always give yourself plenty of time to learn your audition material. Rehearse with your karaoke track or a pianist. Practice singing your audition song in front of other people before the day of the audition.

5. You have one minute to SHINE! No matter if you’re a confident singer or this is your first time doing an audition, use your time in front of the directors to show off your strengths! Remember, the directors aren’t just listening for a good singing voice – they’re also watching for character, confidence, and acting skills.

6. If you are auditioning with an accompaniment track, make sure you have it ready to play on a device that can be plugged into a speaker (phones/iPods work best!), or email your Production Coordinator a link to your track BEFORE your audition.

7. If you are auditioning with sheet music, make sure your sheet music is clearly printed, have marked where you will start and stop, and write in any tempo notes the pianist should be aware of. Please remember to email your Production Coordinator at least 48 hours before your audition if you will need an accompanist provided. First Act cannot guarantee a pianist will be able to play for you if you do not contact the Production Coordinator.

8. Enter the audition with confidence – first impressions are key. Keep good posture and walk with confidence, even if you’re terrified! Directors know you are nervous, and they want you to succeed!

9. Don’t apologize or make excuses for any reason. Always be professional. Remember that God created you as His unique and one-of-a-kind person!

10. Wear clothes you can move-in, but also look professional! Remember you will do your singing AND dance audition back to back and won’t have time to change between the two. Bring dance shoes if you have them!

11. When it’s your turn to audition, state your name and the song you will be singing. Be friendly, humble and confident in who God has made you to be. And remember to smile!

12. Have confidence in your dance audition. Whether or not you have dance training, do your best to perform the dance combination with energy and lots of smiles! Remember – if you smile through your dancing, the directors will not look at your feet (as much)!

13. Don’t Give Up! Your voice may crack, you might forget a lyric, or you might mess up a dance step – keep smiling and don’t get down on yourself! Everyone in that room is rooting for you!

14. Have Fun! Remember, at the end of the day being in a musical is FUN! No matter how you think your audition went, God is proud of you and so are the directors. Auditioning can be stressful, but your hard work will pay off!

15. PRAY! Remember that God is with you every step of the way. Also, the more you can audition the easier it gets.

The Casting Process

We take pride in the integrity of our casting process. Every casting session begins with prayer. After that, the directing team will go through all auditioning students in numerical order and discuss their strengths and what roles they could potentially fill. Directing teams are encouraged to speak only positive, edifying things about all students! The only factor discussed besides a student’s talents and abilities is any past behavior concerns. 

When a student comes up who has a family member on the artistic staff, that staff member leaves the room and does not return until the student has been cast. Additionally, artistic team members are strongly encouraged to disclose any students they work with privately as a voice teacher, acting coach, or dance instructor. 

Once the cast list is decided, the director’s take 24 hours to pray about it and sleep on their decision. The cast list is not posted until everyone on the directing team feels good about their decisions. Additionally, the cast list is only posted after the First Act Artistic Director has given final approval.

First Act is a competitive program with an abundance of talented students, and roles are given to the students who are best suited, as determined by the whole directing team.