Education FAQ

Welcome to First Act!

First Act’s Education Program offers so many options to choose from! Whether you are a beginning student or looking to get to the next level, we have an class for you. If you’re looking for more information about our Education Program in general, visit our Education Overview page.

Curious about what classes First Act has offered in the past or might offer in the future? Check out our full listing of classes in our First Act Course Catalog.

More Questions?

General Education Questions, Trimester Classes, Daytime Academy, Semester Production Class, and Opt Out Information: Education Director, Michelle Evans at

Private Acting Lesson Questions: Acting Studio Director, Jana Latchaw Milbourn at

Private Voice Lesson Questions: Vocal Studio Director, Hillary Talken at

Dance Class Questions: Dance Studio Director, Liz Watkins at 

Enrollment, Payment Plans, Scholarship or First Act Account Questions: Office Manager, Chrissi Edwards at


What type of student are you?

I’m brand new to theater and First Act, where should I start?

Our Trimester Classes would be perfect for you! Over an eight or six week session, you will learn some fundamental skills that you can build off of to take future classes.

Enrollment in our Trimester classes also allows you to audition for a show in the corresponding season! 

If you’re interested in Dance, our Dance Studio offers lots of beginner level classes that meet for a 14-week semester including Jazz, Tap, Ballet, and more! 

I’ve taken a few acting and voice classes, and I’m looking to take it to the next level!

If you’re over the age of 12, our Private Vocal and Acting Lessons would be perfect for you! Over a 14 week semester, you will get 6 hours of personalized training, and you even have the option to perform in a recital at the end of the semester! 

Enrollment in Private Lessons qualifies you to audition for a show in the corresponding seasons. (Fall Semester covers Fall and Winter Shows, Spring Semester covers Winter and Spring shows.)

First Act Education FAQ

Does my child need to be enrolled in a class to be in a show?

We highly encourage students in our shows to be enrolled in one of our many class offerings. We offer semester classes, trimester classes, private lessons, and more! If our class options do not work, you will be asked to pay the “Production Opt-Out Fee” along with your production fee. See more information about this under “What are the financial requirements to be in a First Act show?”

What is the Production Opt Out Fee?

The Opt Out is a service that we offer for the students that cannot commit to a class but still want to audition for one of our productions. You will register for the Opt Out in your First Act family account like other classes. The Opt Out is offered for Fall, Winter, and Spring session.

What is the HEART Production Package?

The HEART Production Package is an option for our students with disabilities in the HEART Program. This class is perfect for students that may find traditional classroom environments challenging or have a hard time making it to regular scheduled classes. This package is offered each Fall, Winter, and Spring session.

Where are your classes offered?

Our classes are currently offered at three metro locations. 

  1. First Act Theatre Arts Studios – 6800 W 153rd ST. Overland Park, KS 66223 (Dance Classes, Daytime Academy, Private Acting Lessons, Private Vocal Lessons, etc.)
  2. Kaw Prairie Community Church – 9421 Meadow View Drive Lenexa, KS 66227 (Trimester Classes)
  3. Evangel Church – 1414 E 103rd St. KCMO, 64131 (Trimester Classes and Production Class)

Note: Private Lessons can be offered out of instructor’s homes.

What is Daytime Academy?

Our Daytime Academy classes are held for 10-week sessions in the Fall and/or Spring of each year. These classes are geared towards homeschooled, virtual, or alternative learning students. These classes are the same as the classes found in the Trimester Session Courses section and the offerings will rotate. Small adjustments will be made to the curriculum to accommodate different age groupings. This class will have an end of the session performance for Friends and Family on the last day of class.

What are the differences between semester and trimester classes?

Trimester Classes are offered in three separate seasons: Fall (August-October), Winter (December-January), and Spring (February-April). Our Semester Classes are offered in two separate seasons: Fall (August-November) and Spring (January-April).

Trimester classes are perfect for students that are just starting with their theatre training, have limited time, or are simply interested in one of the topics being taught. There are no prerequisites for these classes and classes can be repeated multiple times. 

Semester classes are perfect for students who are interested in dedicating more time to their theatre training.

What is the season schedule for classes?

Trimester Schedule: 

  • Fall Trimester – August – November
  • Winter Trimester – December – January
  • Spring Trimester – February – April

Semester Schedule:

  • Fall Semester: August – November
  • Spring Semester: January – April

What is Dance Placement?

Dance Placement is an opportunity for our dance teachers to evaluate students’ abilities to accurately place them in a leveled dance class. This takes place at the end of each school year, usually in late May. If placement has passed and your student is interested in taking a higher level dance class, contact Dance Director Liz Watkins at

Where can I find scholarship information?

First Act is excited to offer scholarships that can be used for classes, summer camps, or show production fees. Eligibility will be determined through a financial formula based on income and number of children in your household. Learn more and apply at