Helping Encourage Awareness and Recognition in Theatre

At the center of every student is a space where our dreams, hopes, and wishes reside: the heart. First Act Theatre Arts treasures diversity and has always been about giving ALL students the opportunity to fill that space with something meaningful while sharing it with others. HEART has been a part of our organization since 2006 and has served over 150 families.

All Students Shine Through Inclusion

HEART is a full inclusion program that provides individuals with developmental disabilities the opportunity to participate in classes, shows, and camps. Studies show that Inclusion is beneficial for all students:

  • Inclusion creates high expectations for all students. 
  • Inclusion teaches us to recognize and respect our differences.
  • Inclusion creates leadership opportunities. 
  • Inclusion provides a learning experience for students.

Get Involved

If you have a child with a developmental disability, we invite you to join the First Act HEART program and experience the benefit of our full inclusion program. For more information, please contact Josie Strickler, HEART Coordinator, at heartcoordinator@firstactkc.org. Scholarships are available for First Time students registered through the HEART program.