High School Overnight Camp
Ages 14-18*
*Campers may be 19 if they graduated high school in the spring of 2023

Big Fish

2023 High School Overnight Camp is FULL! Please call the First Act Office at (913) 681-3318 to be added to the wait list.

Based on the celebrated novel by Daniel Wallace and the acclaimed film directed by Tim Burton, BIG FISH tells the story of Edward Bloom, a traveling salesman who lives life to its fullest…and then some! Edward’s incredible, larger-than-life stories thrill everyone around him—most of all, his devoted wife Sandra. But their son Will, about to have a child of his own, is determined to find the truth behind his father’s epic tales. Overflowing with heart and humor, BIG FISH is an extraordinary musical that reminds us why we love going to the theatre—for an experience that’s richer, funnier and bigger than life itself.


We will hold auditions for those who would like an opportunity for a role, solo, or featured dancer; however, you do NOT need to audition in order to participate in this camp. Students who choose not to audition will be placed in the ensemble. 

Auditions: Tuesday, May 30th, 2023 from 4:00-8:00PM

Callbacks: Wednesday, May 31st, 2023 from 4:00-8:00PM

The Cast List will be posted no later than June 2nd at 10PM.

How to Audition:

  1. Make sure you are enrolled in High School Overnight Camp! A minimum $100 deposit must be paid towards camp tuition in order to be eligible for auditions. In order to register and pay only the deposit, please contact Chrissi Edwards in the First Act Office at (913) 681-3318.
  2. Fill out the Big Fish Audition Form HERE.
  3. Sign-Up for an Audition Time HERE.
  4. Select your 1-minute song. Please do not choose a song from Big Fish. In an effort to create as close to a professional experience as possible, all students auditioning for Big Fish are REQUIRED to bring sheet music for their audition song. Please have your music clearly printed & marked with your one-minute cut. An accompanist will be provided. Sheet music for most audition songs can be found here.
  5. Select an audition monologue from the options found HERE. Audition monologues must be memorized.


If you are unable to attend in-person auditions and would like to submit a video audition, please send your video audition to artisticdirector@firstactkc.org. Your video audition should include two elements: a recording of you performing your 1-minute song and your audition monologue. There is a signup for video auditions at the bottom of the Signup Genius.

Questions? Reach out to Artistic Director Patrick Graham at artisticdirector@firstactkc.org.

Artistic Team:
Director: Patrick Graham
AD/SM: Becky Ochoa
Music Director: Hillary Talken
Choreographer: April Okken
Asst. Choreographer: Ellie Jurgensmeyer
Acting Coach: Jana Latchaw Milbourn

Production Coordinator: Becky Talken (becky@firstactkc.org)
Production Assistant: Miranda Steffen

Character Breakdown:

Edward Bloom – Charming, charismatic, sees our black and white world in multiple colors. Creates elaborate stories and always has a joke in him. Will play younger versions of himself through sick and aging. He cares deeply for his wife and son. Lots of movement. Vocal range: High Baritone.

Will Bloom – Analytical, “realist”, dry humored. Doesn’t believe his father’s stories and after learning Edward is sick, he seeks to find the truth in his father’s past. Newly married to Josephine and expecting a child of his own. Vocal range: Tenor. 

Sandra Bloom – Sweet, humble, and cares deeply for Will and Edward. She wants the men to get along and mend their stale relationship. She also plays younger versions of herself. Strong mover with tap dance possible. Vocal range: Soprano with belt.

Josephine – She is enamored by Edward’s stories despite her husband’s reluctance to them. She is strong and knows how to handle situations. Vocal range: Mezzo.

Amos Calloway – He is the ringleader and owner of a circus. He is also a werewolf. Comedic timing and character actor required. Vocal range: Baritone.

Karl the Giant – Very tall man who will walk on stilts (roughly 2-3 feet stilts). Comic irony needed. Transforms from social outcast to successful businessman thanks to Edward. Vocal range: Bass.

The Witch –  She’s a fortune teller that informs Edward of how he will die. She will be a dancer and strong singer. Vocal range: Mezzo with high belt. 

Jenny Hill – She’s the childhood friend/girlfriend of Edward that he meets in Ashton. Also plays an older, disillusioned, and tired version of herself. Vocal range: Mezzo with belt.

Young Will – Will as a young boy who listens to his father’s stories and helps move the story forward. Mostly a spoken role and featured in the opening number. Needs to look/read 10 or younger. 

Don Price – Don is the rival of Edward. He’s a simple man but determined. Strong comedic timing and movement. Vocal range: Baritone.

Zacky Price – Younger brother of Don Price. Seen as Don’s sidekick. Strong comedic timing and movement. Ensemble singing only.

Dr. Bennett – Warm, kind, but frank. Edward’s friend and physician. Ensemble singing only. 

Featured roles include The Mermaid, Fisherman, Ashton Mayor, General Patterson, Red Fang, and more.

Ensemble of Ashton Citizens, Wedding Guests, Witches, Circus Performers, WWII Soldiers, USO Performers, Alabama Lambs, Cowboys & Saloon Girls, and MORE!