The First Act Musical Theatre Troupe is a select group of performers with strength in acting, dance, and/or vocals who represent First Act Theatre Arts  out in the community and at specialized performances. Students audition for the group late summer. Rehearsals are throughout the year and culminate in a trip to Branson to perform at multiple venues early summer.

Members of the First Act Musical Theatre Troupe must meet the following requirements:

  • Be between the ages of 10-18
  • Be able to financially support all their individual troupe cost and travel requirements

There will be a $325 Musical Theatre Troupe registration fee plus event/travel cost.


Allie Lasswell
Bella Taussig
Ceci Sellers
Charlie Lynn
Emily LaBarge
Evan LeRoy
Harper Ward
Jackson Bennett
Jacob Banman
Jadyn Valentine
Jillian Bosch
Jordan Rosenwald
Kaitlyn Talken
Lilly Robertson
Maggie Weiss
Marin LaCour
Mary Rosa
Melody Steffen
Mya Evans
Rowan Sopher
Rylee Bornheimer
Savannah Beaman
Sydney Dilks
Tatum McGinness-Wood
Taylor Bell
TROUPE DIRECTORS: Hillary Talken & Jana Latchaw-Milbourn

Performances and Events

Make sure to check out the First Act Musical Theatre Troupe live this year at the following locations:

Friends of Shawnee Town Arts & Crafts Fair & Fall Festival

Date: Saturday, September 17th 

Time: 12:00-12:30pm

Location: Shawnee Town 1929

Opening for First Act Dance Team

Date: February 11,2023

Location: TCH Theatre @ Oak Park Mall

First Act’s Cocktails and Cabaret

Date: April 1,2023

Location: Johnson County Heritage Center

PreShow for ‘Re-Vibe”

Dates: June 9, 2023 @7:20pm

Location: Hughes Brothers Theatre (Branson, MO)

PreShow for “The Haygood Show”

Dates: June 10, 2023 @ 7:00pm

Location: Clay Cooper Theatre (Branson, MO)


PreShow for “Legends in Concert”

Dates: June 11, 2023 @ 7:20pm

Location: Dick Clarks American Bandstand Theatre (Branson, MO)


Want the First Act Musical Theatre Troupe to perform at your event? Contact us below for booking!